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Four Symptoms That May Point To Compression Neuropathy

We’ve all experienced that odd sensation that comes from having cut off the blood flow from a hand or foot. It starts as a dull numbness and spirals into a tingling so intense that touching the affected area can be uncomfortable to near painful, and there’s no greater relief then when it finally passes. Sensations like these are an everyday part of some people’s lives, and their sources aren’t something so benign and easily remediable. In many cases, tingling and numbness are accompanied by stabbing pain, weakness, and burning sensations and are the result of problems in our spine.

What Can Cause These Types Of Symptoms?
If these problems originate in your spine five likely conditions are the culprit which can be treated with varying degrees of success by a skilled specialist. These symptoms are caused by swollen and compressed nerves that have become trapped or pinched. In some cases, the condition is severe enough that nerves become damaged or destroyed. Intervertebral discs that have become herniated are bulging, have slipped, or ruptured are responsible for the compression, though bone spurs are also sometimes the culprit.

• Sciatica – Sciatica occurs when the spinal nerves that are part of the sciatic nerve become compressed, resulting in symptoms that can begin in the buttocks and travel down the legs. Due to the branching nature of the sciatic nerve, these symptoms can be felt throughout the muscles in the legs.
• Peripheral Neuropathy – This condition occurs in those nerves that are outside the spinal column, and often result from exposure to toxic substances, poor nutrition, or as the result of a degenerative disease such as diabetes. Tingling in the extremities, numbness in fingers or toes, weakness while walking or gripping something are all symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
• Spinal Infections – While infections in the spine are fortunately uncommon, they can be quite dangerous when they occur. Most commonly manifesting as discitis or osteomyelitis (Infections of the disc and spinal bone respectively) these infections can cause permanent damage to the tissue and in severe cases even death.
• Spinal Meningitis – Membranes that serve to protect they surround the spine and brain, but these can become inflamed due to infection. A dire condition those suffering from it may experience the tingling and burning sensations commonly associated with compression neuropathy. The attention of a physician is immediately necessary to give the best chance of survival and to minimize nerve damage.

If you’re experiencing symptoms that you feel may be related to compression neuropathy, especially if they are in conjunction with fever, muscle spasms, unusual fatigue or sweating spells, or radiating pain, contact your physician immediately. The experts at Neurological and Spine Consultants, P.A have been helping patients in the Fort Worth area live full and active lives with symptoms of compression neuropathy, and they can help you too. Pick up the phone and make an appointment with Dr. Diana Wilson today and start getting adequate treatment for your symptoms. No one should live a life with constant pain and numbness, and you may not have to.

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