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Minimizing Back Pain

Woman Celebrating End To Back Pain

Back pain is one of the afflictions most frequently reported to physicians in the United States. It has a myriad of causes, ranging from trauma caused by an accident to poor body mechanics. This latter cause is the most frequent reason we experience back pain. It can result from twisting while lifting an object, sitting hunched over a computer, anything that puts strain on our back in a way it’s not designed to handle. Preventing back pain can be accomplished through several simple practices that improve flexibility, strengthen muscle, and guarantee we make the best use of our bodies.

Exercise: Not Quite A Panacea, But Close

Panacea is a word that means “a solution for all diseases and difficulties.” While exercise doesn’t quite fit this description, it does have a positive effect on many ailments that we face in our lives. Staying active helps keep our joints functioning properly and helps keep our muscles heavy. Despite the rising level of sedentary lifestyles in the world today, our muscles function best when they get regularly exercised.

Weight And Diet Take Strain Off

Maintaining a manageable weight through exercise is another reason that back pain responds well to this preventative. To help obtain the most out of an active lifestyle, you should ensure that you’re eating properly. Fruits, vegetables, dairy, lean meats, and a healthy selection of whole grains keeps everything in your body moving properly. Taking care of your digestive system also means avoiding irritated bowels, another common cause of lower back pain. Exercising also improves your sleep experience.

Become A Side Sleeper

While we’re addressing the topic of sleep, we need to talk about your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back doesn’t help our backs one iota, and neither does sleeping on our stomachs. Both of these positions put undue strain on the back and lead to increased reports of pain. Even your pillow plays a role in preventing back pain, as a supportive pillow will keep your side straight, just like sleeping on your side.

Proper Posture

You’ve heard about this all your life, though the reasons given vary. Some say that it’s unprofessional to slouch, making you look lazy and slovenly. Others say that it helps improve your social life by improving your presence and making a better first impression. Whether these are actually true or not, it is a vital part of ensuring you avoid lower back pain. This fact is especially important in a world where hours spent in front of the TV, gaming consoles, or on your computer at work are a common event.

Want to know more about how to protect your back and prevent back pain? Contact Dr. Diana Wilson at Neurosurgical and Spine Consultants in Fort Worth, TX. Our team of experts can help analyze your lifestyle habits and describe steps that you can take to improve the health of your back without medical care. When medical care is necessary, there’s no more trusted neurosurgical facility in Fort Worth. We look forward to seeing you at our offices!

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